Flips Catalonia™, Soles With Soul

Flips Catalonia™, Soles With Soul

Flips Catalonia™ exude the old soulful charms of traditional espardenya, in Catalan, or more widely known in French as espadrilles. Traditional espardenyas were worn by both men and women, handmade with coiled rope soles and brilliantly canvas tops.  Dancers performing the sardana, the Catalan national dance, would all wear them as they danced to liberty, equality and brotherhood.  Celebrities who visit would find themselves dressed down to the beat of laid back summer life in a pair of handmade Catalans.

Flips wanted to share the charm and vibrance of this unique Catalonian culture, while keeping true to our vision of bringing casual comfort and wearable, unique designs to our customers.  We worked it out, and the results are what you see in Flips Catalonia™ - a fusion of funky prints draped up in the form of laceless slip-on canvas shoes, accented by a jute trimming reminiscent of the iconic rope soled shoes of Catalan. Instead of using a rope sole, we emphasised the importance of keeping the outer sole practical by using a non-skid rubber outsole.  The laceless design lets you slip in and out as nonchalantly as those summer days.  

From the African safari to middle eastern prints, every pair takes you off on an unexpected journey every step of the way.  It's the story of the wearer, and Flips only helps you get there in comfort.  

Flips Catalonia uses natural ingredients, employing the same handmade quality, offering the same freedom of lightweight, flexible shoes in every pair.

Flips Catalonia is available online and in selected stores in Singapore.

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