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Top 10 Places to Wear Flip-Flops So You Blend in Like A Local

If you own a pair of flip-flops, say "Aye!"

If you’re not familiar with the term, flip-flops, are also commonly known as slippers, thongs, jandals, or 人字拖.

In Asia, you'll be hard pressed to find a home without a pair of flip-flops. Unlike in the West, where flip-flops are popularly worn only during the summer months for the beach, surf or park, here in Asia and particularly Singapore, flip-flops are the universal and go-to footwear for nearly any outing you can imagine.

Call it convenient, flexible, or just straight up easy or super-ready-to-wear, flip-flops really hold a special place in this island state. From beach going teens to the neighbourhood uncle out to market, the mighty filp-flops are donned without much thought or care. If you think flip-flops are only a footwear choice for the humble neighbourhood folk then you’re sorely mistaken.

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So while you don’t need rhyme, reason or season to wear flip-flops here in Singapore, we made this list of our Top 10 Places to Wear Flip-Flops So You Blend In Like A Local:

#1 Sentosa Island and East Coast Park
Without a doubt, the
rubber flip-flop is perfect for frolicking at the beach. It is waterproof, flexible, and so easily washable to brush off sand particles. This is definitely the ultimate must-have wearable to the beach even if you’re not wearing much. Promise you won’t wear covered shoes to the beach or we will whack you with our worn out Flips!

Image by Arulonline from Pixabay 

#2 Any public or private pool, and watersports venues
The natural choice for any watersports venue,
rubber flip-flops are not only non-skid to keep you from sliding all over the wet floors, they are also waterproof, and very quick to dry. As you get in and out of pools, to the changing rooms or shower rooms, your trusted rubber flip-flops will get you there safely. No splits or moonwalking expected!

Image source  © 2020 Singapore Sports Council

#3 When spending the day at the water park
When it comes to recreational theme parks, they are aplenty in Singapore. From
Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East to the Adventure Cove Waterpark, you could probably find more waterparks or water-featured playgrounds than you could cinemas in Singapore. Such is our love for waterparks and playgrounds for kids, families and thrill-seekers.  Here’s where the mighty flip-flop is again the most essential and most useful item again - easy to slip in and out of and best to bring you from one thrill ride to another without you chafing your feet in the wrong footwear.

Image source © 2004 - 2021 Wild Wild Wet

#4 When one goes fishing or prawning
If you’ve gone fishing before, you know that situation when you need to walk up and pull your catch in from the open water? Chances are you get your feet all wet several times if you’re having a good day. While prawning is not open water, don’t you like to lift your legs right up to the edge of the kolam (or tank in English, but kolam if you’re local) and see your prey swim up to your bait, just like a local? Again, flip-flops work best for these occasions, hands down.

Image source © ORTO

#5 Around the neighbourhood when queueing at the kopitiam or the wet market
If you’re an experienced marketer like all Singaporean aunties and uncles are, you will wear rubber flip-flops to the wet market. The reason being the wet market is WET! And
rubber flip-flops can get wet but can be easily washed when you get home. If you want to stand out, just wear covered shoes to the wet market or when queueing for the popular nasi lemak stall. I swear you will stick out like a sore thumb. Word to the wise: haggle a bit when you’re there to earn points with the uncles and aunties.

ProjectManhattan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

#6 While washing your car, bike, bicycle or kid scooters in the washing bay
For those who wash your own ride, you will definitely need a good pair of rubber flip-flops as you practice your “wax on, wax off” just like the Karate Kid.

GIF source: Tenor.com

When you’re dealing with water puddles, soapy surfaces and grease altogether, do it like a pro and wear non-skid flip-flops! Things can get real ugly out there.

#7 To a picnic in the park
Picnics are always about getting some much needed Vitamin D, laying in the open air, with feet on the grass. Our favourite piece of footwear to go for picnics are again flip-flops! They make great weights for those picnic mats on windy days, takes a second to slip into when you need to make a run for shelter. Flip-flops just belong in the sun! If you’re short of ideas, you can head out to Marina Barrage, Singapore Botanic Gardens and East Coast Park, a few of our favourite locales for picnics.

Image source: Flips™ (Three Springs Pte Ltd)

#8 When taking your dog out to go potty
When you need to go you need to go, and when your pooch needs to go your pooch needs to go. Slip on your flip-flops and off you go, no need to fuss over laces or straps! You'll have enough to fuss over when walking your dog. Rubber flip-flops are also super easy to wash in the event you accidentally step on dog poop, and that can very well happen on any of these walks.

Image source: Flips™ (Three Springs Pte Ltd)

#9 At the office (assuming the default work-from-home mode ends)
Before work-from-home became the norm, the daily commute to the office was the default modus operandi for many. For ladies, that meant wearing office shoes as part of the standard wardrobe for the office environment. Once stepping into the office however, those deskbound for hours usually would keep a pair of comfy slippers or flip-flops under the desk, to be able to slip into comfortably while toiling away at work, allowing much freedom and breathing room for those toes. Who here remembers those days before working from home was a thing?

Image source: Quora

#10 After runs or a daunting hike
Needless to say, when you’ve put your feet through a long run or hike through undulating terrains at MacRitchie Reservoir, they just can’t wait to get out of those shoes for a good stretch and fresh air. Easy to stuff into your day packs and super lightweight, flip-flops are the perfect lightweight bring-alongs on such outings. Slide your aching feet onto flip-flops and they will thank you dearly. Even if you’re an ironman and don’t get aches like normal human beings, a pair in the bag is always good to have in case of toe injuries!
Photography by Shi Neng Yi and Kurtis Ma for TheSmartLocal

As we’re inching into Singapore’s 56th national day, we felt it so important to do up this list to keep our fellow Singaporeans and resident locals in check, and, lest we forget, that patriotic spirit of embodying all things local and culturally unique. Happy National Day to Singapore and all Singaporeans. 

Photo by Andrew Tan (photo source: Singapore Tourism Board)

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