Powered by Women

Glenda Yeo and Pamela Phang had the common goal and vision to build a brand and platform that could positively impact the lives of women. As two independent working women blessed with opportunity in education and employment, the founders of Flips felt compelled to advance and empower women in society who, unlike themselves, were deprived of equal opportunity for education, employment, and the voice and power to stand on their own two feet. 

Glenda hailed from an entrepreneurial streak, having ventured into sales of electronic components before shifting gears into building a market for a self-built brand, Flips, together with co-founder Pamela. It was during the Asian economic crisis in 2009 that both Pamela and Glenda found common ground to build Flips as a product and brand that would bring positive impact to their lives and the lives of women around them through its mission. As Pamela had gleaned a decade of experience in public relations, advertising and promotions, events and branding across various sectors, the duo made a good match which eventually would fuel the life and spirit of the brand, Flips

To this day, both Glenda and Pamela continue to drive their founding mission, to anchor Flips as a symbol of freedom and liberty, through which they could walk the journey together with other women to foster growth, empowerment and strength.