Deep Olive', Flips Pods Sandals in T-strap design

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Flips Pods Sandals™ are vegan friendly sandals made with a flexible and lightweight rubber contoured footbed, designed to provide comfort and protection by mimicking what nature offers best.
Shaped like a pod, the contoured footbed made using 100% natural rubber is not only a natural cushion to counter the stresses and shock put on your feet, it also provides breathability to your insole, preventing discomfort due to heat and sweat. The contoured footbed also ensures that there’s ample comfort for all feet types, without compromising on basic protection.
Using only non-animal related materials, your Flips Pods Sandals™ are Vegan Friendly and do not harm animals in its production. There is NO ANIMAL LEATHER in Flips Pods Sandals™. The natural rubber outsoles are also recyclable, making them an eco-conscious footwear of choice for those who care for the environment.

Features and benefits:
- 100% animal cruelty free. Vegan friendly
- Cushion-contoured footbed for all feet types
- Adjustable strap buckle
- Eco rubber insole & outsole
- Casual, stylish beach sandal
- Squeezable comfort, flexible & lightweight
- Non-skid insole and outsole

* NOTE: Please check our Size Guide for your correct flip-flop size.

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