Our Story

Flips™ was created with the simple idea of bringing comfortable, eco-friendly, and good-looking flip-flops to people.


As two hardworking women who were constantly on our feet, we had trouble finding really comfortable and affordable flip-flops that looked great. So when the chance came, we decided to make our own line of "flips". From the very start, it was necessary to have all three components in a simple pair of flip-flops, without the astronomical prices.

We’ve had some bumps along the way, but we succeeded!  We are committed to making this promise to our customers: We go to extra lengths to make sure that every pair of Flips comes with these three guarantees every step of the way: comfortable + affordable + looks great!


As our company has matured and evolved, the Flips™ brand and range of footwear have expanded to adapt to our discerning customers’ choices. That’s why at Flips, we think it’s important for us to impact our fans and friends through our actions.

Our ‘goodness’ comes in many forms: 

• Flips™ flip-flops are made with eco-friendly, natural materials.
• Flips Bare™ covered shoes are 100% lovingly and ethically handmade using locally sourced materials.
• We promote low-waste production practices.
• Our flip-flops and handmade shoes are manufactured in small batches in Thailand.
• Whenever possible, materials that can be recycled without compromising the quality of our footwear are recycled and reused.
• As a young company, we are proud to support the livelihoods of our dedicated and skilled craftsmen and craftswomen through our manufacturing choices. 

We hope to continue spreading our unique message and vision to the people and causes that we touch. 

Join Flips™. Come have a walk on the good side!