Attractive School Day Perks with Flips

Attractive School Day Perks with Flips

Flips may come across as being ‘all about fun’, but we’re not.

Seriously speaking, each year, Flips supports programmes and initiatives which we identify as providing the right tools and platform for students to learn, grow, and enrich themselves as they take those first steps into adulthood, hopefully with trusty Flips alongside too!

In line with this ongoing effort to engage with and empower students through collaborative events, Flips also extends cool discounts and offers to students through student groups, organisations as well as educational platforms. If you’ve followed us on Facebook or Instagram over the years, you’d know what we’re talking about. :)

So carrying on with the tradition, one such platform Flips will be offering exclusive offers to will be Bright Culture, a tuition centre whose key philosophy is in building positive teacher-student relationships to provide the right learning environment. Backed by strong testimonials from happy students and parents, Bright Culture shines through as a boutique learning platform that helps students reach their educational goals effectively, and confidently.

So as you sign-up to find out more about Bright Culture, Flips will be giving you a $10 shopping voucher (terms apply) . These vouchers will be emailed to you on your successful sign-up of their newsletter, by the good folks of Bright Culture. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up now!

About Bright Culture

Bright Culture is a Tuition Centre specialising in Secondary and JC Chemistry Tuition. 

Our star educator Mr. Joel Liu has more than 12 years experience teaching Chemistry Tuition. Our students have achieved massive improvements, some even going from F to A for their Secondary and JC Chemistry exams!                

We have classes for Sec 3 - 5, JC 1 - 2 (H2 Chemistry Tuition).             

Here is why you should choose us!

  1. Relationships - we build positive teacher-student relationships to provide the right learning environment!  
  2. Experienced, committed teachers - we ensure that all teachers are committed to teaching your child!
  3. Motivated students - from our experience, motivated students produce the best results. We invest plenty of time understanding and motivating each student!          

We are located at 28 Siglap Drive and 187B Goldhill Centre                             

We have developed our own proprietary method of teaching and students call our notes their “secret to success”! We not just focus on the academic results of the students, but also ensure they are motivated and inspired to learn. Your child will have a great time learning with us!              

To view our numerous testimonials, please visit!              

To find out more, email us at

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