Hassle Free Exchange Service


You are choosing to EXCHANGE an item you have purchased from Flips Official E-Store due to sizing issues or manufacturing fault. Choosing this option includes:

Part 1
Collection of the original purchase item at a designated date and time that you will choose in this product selection; and
Part 2
Shipment of the new item to you.

Upon purchasing this EXCHANGE ticket, you will need to wait for the order confirmation to be updated to "Shipped" in order to receive the tracking number.  Once you have received the tracking number, please follow the instructions below to proceed with EXCHANGE:

1) Please indicate the new size required inside the parcel, and properly pack and seal the return item in an unmarked envelope, sleeve or box.
2) Please write/indicate the tracking number (from this order confirmation) clearly on the package for collection. The tracking indication is for verification purposes by the collection personnel.
3) Upon receiving the EXCHANGE item from you, Flips will deliver another item of your correct sizing to you.

*NOTE: One order of EXCHANGE ($8) is applicable for every 2 products to be changed. This Hassle Free Exchange Service only applies to purchases within Singapore. For purchases made outside of Singapore, please contact us for help.