The Best ‘Flip-Flop’ Jokes that Won’t Make You A Flop

The Best ‘Flip-Flop’ Jokes that Won’t Make You A Flop

We love a good joke. When you’re down or feeling blue, a good one can make you laugh or cringe (we hope the former).  And since we’re in the business of making the best rubber flip flops in the world, we wanted to get our arsenal of jokes ready when faced with the question, “aren’t you in the business of making and selling flip-flops? Care to share some one-liners to add to my bag of jokes? And please don’t be corny”.  Because that can and does happen!

We flipped the pages of the internet to scour through what “flip flop” jokes were out there. Some were teetering on offensive, others were just plain ol’ bad, but we discovered some real gems too and worthy of a mention in our list. So we hope we won’t disappoint, and hopefully you will laugh out loud with our compilation below.  And if you need help deciphering any of them, please send us a private message or email, we promise we won’t reveal your identity :)

  1. Why don’t cows wear flip flops?
    Because they lactose.

  2. Last Christmas my parents got me a pair of flip flops with matchbox cars glued to the bottom..
    Cheap Skates!

  1. A politician’s favourite shoes?
    Flip flops

Are you laughing or cringing at this moment? Ok, it gets better. Trust us.

  1. What do you call a French man wearing flip flops?
    Phillipe Phollope.

  2. I once attended a black-tie affair in flip-flops
    It was quite the sandal.

  3. My girlfriend just beat an ant to death with her flip flop.
    It was a summery execution.
  4. Who is a flip flops’ favorite comedian?
    Adam Sandal-er
  5. If a crocodile makes shoes, what does a banana make?

  6. I was walking backwards in flip flops.
    And they went pilf spolf.

That’s it folks! Just a short entry to spread some midweek cheer as we inch into the weekend. Hope we brought some smiles your way. Hey, who knows, you may use one of these jokes over the weekend!

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